How Amotai can benefit you

Buyer memberships

Gain access to Amotai’s exclusive directory of Māori/Pasifika-owned businesses, strengthen your supply chain, and level up your supplier diversity practice with ongoing education and support. We’ve got memberships for wherever you’re at on your journey.

Register as a Māori/ Pasifika business

Listing your business in our directory connects you with contract opportunities across Aotearoa, as well as ongoing support from the Amotai team. It’s free, connect today.

Amotai connects buyers with Māori and Pasifika-owned businesses.

With more than 1800 in our directory, Amotai’s suppliers have proven track records of getting the job done for buyer organisation across Aotearoa, growing Māori and Pasifika economies in the process.

Our suppliers work across industries including:

  • Construction & infrastructure
  • Professional servies
  • Tech
  • Retail.

Register as a buyer or supplier today to start generating greater value for your organisation and for Aotearoa.

What is supplier diversity?

Supplier diversity is the practice of intentionally procuring from businesses owned by minority groups, levelling the playing field for these suppliers to compete fairly on the open market, while strengthening buyers’ supply chains.

Amotai makes it easy for buyer organisations to engage verified Māori and Pasifika-owned businesses who can meet their needs.

Learn more about how practising supplier diversity benefits buyer organisations here.

Connect directly with Māori and Pasifika-owned businesses

Suppliers registered on Amotai’s database, exclusive to member buyers, have been independently verified to be at least 50% Māori and/or Pasifika-owned. 

We have more than 1800 suppliers on our books, ready to connect with buyers in

  • Construction & infrastructure
  • Professional servies
  • Tech
  • Retail

Learn the supplier diversity essentials

Our online course is designed to equip buyers with the knowledge and skills to embed supplier diversity in your business.

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How it works


Businesses apply

Māori and/or Pasifika-owned businesses contact us or are referred by others, to join Amotai


We vet applicants

After completing the initial registration form, we get in touch with the business to confirm they are Māori and/or Pasifika-owned*, ensure they meet any other criteria and to get a greater understanding of their business and what they do.

*We check to ensure that the businesses are genuinely Māori and/or Pasifika owned. It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure due diligence requirements are met.

We update our database

After this process, we publish the business’ details creating a single, accessible portal for buyers to connect with Māori and Pasifika-owned businesses. Registration is free


Buyers get access

Buyers who join Amotai as a member have access to information about, and facilitation to registered Māori and/or Pasifika-owned businesses. Depending on membership level some buyer members will also get special access to events, resources and one-to-one advice and support on supplier diversity and development.

Don’t just take our word for it

Warner Cowin, Founder and CEO of Height

"Amotai has been instrumental in our journey for learning, networking with other Māori and Pasifika businesses and, importantly, opening doors to opportunities in the government sector. If you are a Māori or Pasifika business wanting to meet like-minded people, in a safe whānau-type environment, while at the same time grow and scale your business, this is where you need to be!"

Lance Tippett, Director of Tippett Electrical

“Amotai have helped tremendously with warm introductions in to government and local council procurement and improving the social and economic well-being of Maori and Pasifika communities. Furthermore, Amotai has helped our business network with other like-minded Maori and Pasifika owned businesses. These valuable connections have enabled us to work with one another to create unique offerings to suppliers and leverage each other’s skill set and experience to deliver market leading solutions. We are all in this together!”

Courtenay Hurt-Suwan, Managing Director, Social Labour Supply

"Amotai have been an incredible support for Social Labour Supply in more ways than one. From networking workshops, connecting us to the right business opportunities all wrapped up with authentic manaaki. Amotai has supported the sustainable growth of our company now and into the future. To all our Māori and Pasifika businesses wanting support, contact the team at Amotai!"